The Vision's Testimony

On my 27th birthday, sitting at work, near the front door, everything was finally starting to slow down and get quiet. In the stillness, I heard, “I’m delivering you from manual labor.” I sat that, not sure if I was crazy, but I knew it was the Spirit of God speaking. Months passed and I was put into a layoff on my job. I transitioned into a position paying more money that was in the field I went to school for. Shortly after, I was stricken for the third time with a debilitating inflammation of the nerves in my body. Although I never missed work, my boss still fired me. And from there, the building . . . well, first me fighting . . . began. It started out with a book, a graphics design company, me having to move because I couldn’t pay my rent, God wouldn’t allow me to get a job (I tried!!!) and a vision of Abraham. It was nothing I could explain, but I had to go . . .

Leaving most of the crazy details out, along an eight year journey, something happened both within me and around me. I learned about myself, more about my purpose and calling and, most of all, how to surrender to the vastness of the vision. I’m finally ready to start sharing it and walking in the next phase . . . it’s time!

SDS Ink Communications, LLC

the parent company

SDS Ink Communications, LLC was formed in 2010 with the start of Angel Prints and WWACP Self-Publishing. The vision and mission of the brand is to bring other people’s visions to life. We only work with clients we feel have visions to build, sustain and grow God’s people. Entities under SDS Ink Communications specialize in visual creations of the client’s vision whether it be a flyer for a program, a brochure for a business or even a newsletter for a community group.  Whether in print, digital, on garments or the sides of buses, everything we do points back to Him!

SDS Ink Communications Entities

Angel Prints is a graphic design firm started in 2009. Our motto is “You Write The Vision, We’ll Make It Plain”… It’s the vision of the client that is absorbed on the page. Our job is to make it come alive.

Angel Prints produces banners, brochures, business cards, booklets, book covers, promotional items of all sizes, and so much more! If you need it printed, we can create it…

“Seeing Is Believing” is the motto of WWACP. Seeing other’s projects come to fruition is what drives the passion of WWACP. Part of our vision is to save the world, one person at a time, by reaching the total man through published works, to make them whole from the inside out. Our goal is also to set forth publications that serve God's people in whatever capacity is needed to service their lives. We want to see God’s people inspired!

All Christians are leaders, but not all leaders are Christians. We are training disciples for the advancement of the kingdom of God through the seven mountains of this world. Through coaching groups, one on one consultations and diy ecourses, we help our clients grow personally and advance naturally.

Bourgeois Lux is a body care and apparel company started 2020. The empowering centralized message of the company is based upon a philosophy instilled in her since childhood to always strive for the best and not to settle for less or follow the crowd. It is our belief that we were created with destiny already in us and should embrace our uniqueness. We are purpose filled people, born with boundless permission to be who we are, unapologetically. Through Bourgeois Lux’s apparel and body care products, we empower you to speak your truth, command your atmosphere and feel amazing doing it!


Bourgeois Lux, LLC