The real you is more interesting than the fake somebody else

Ms Lauryn Hill

by way of The Spirit of God

Author. Entrepreneur. Leadership Coach.

Shaquanda D. Stephenson, a Newark, NJ native, is an author, entrepreneur and leadership coach with a vision to bring God’s vision to life in His people’s lives for the reason of building the kingdom of God.

Also known as Ms. Shaquanda, she is the founder of Seven Mountains Coaching Group, LLC and SDS Ink Communications, LLC, the parent company for several start-ups under her wing. All of her endeavors are centered around helping God’s people bring their portion of God’s vision to fruition either visually or through self-development.

Shaquanda is not just a dedicated business woman. She is a consecrated prophet with a passion to teach the word of God in a way that empowers, restores and develops God’s people, thus transforming their lives. She uses her personal struggles and lessons learned to train and motivate others to live out their God given purpose.

Although messages are curtailed to the audience she serves, there is still a centralized theme, the core foundation of everything Shaquanda does. Whether speaking with adults, ministering the word of God in the grocery store or facilitating a workshop, she will help you realize the power of YOU! Once a person understands who they are, the power behind their individuality radiates.

The Vision

See the works Shaquanda has started and uses to follow God’s vision and plan for her life. . .