The Bus Chronicles


Originally two separate books, The Bus Chronicles is all about social awareness, self-improvement and laughter that warrants the use of a kleenex! The Bus Chronicles 1 and 2 have been combined into 1 volume, but still pack the same humorous punch!

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The Bus Chronicles 1 and 2 has been all the rave!
Once you finish book 1, it feels like it takes forever for book 2 to arrive. PROBLEM SOLVED! Now books 1 & 2 are combined for seamless entertainment & soul searching!

Book 1 will make you laugh hysterically and book 2 will make you think (some laughter included).
Join Ms Shaquanda as she brings social awareness to an overlooked population by addressing the 800lb guerilla in the room. Peel back the pages to find out what Superman, Band-Aids and Kleenex have to do with it.

Read as she highlights the transportation goings on, but reflects on what lies beneath. You’ll laugh, but mostly you’ll think. It’s not about laughing at the person next to you, it’s about the man in the mirror. We all have issues, will you find yours on the pages as you flip through each saga of bus chronicles?
Only One way to find out…


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